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The Thatum project starts in 2002 with the meeting of two talents who both wanted to compose songs that would go to the head and touch the heart.
They were dreaming of a modern music that would beautify their love for jazz standards, traditional songs from all over the world and Great Black Music...

In Thatum music, melody is the passport for a musical trip with no boundaries, mixing all their influences freely and consistently in the same time: jazz for its subtlety and imagination, pop for its striking brightness, electronic music for its sound & its heady rhythms, world musics for their authenticity and soul for its sticky groove …

The result is a free music, simple and sophisticated, borne by beautiful melodies and harmonies, hypnotic rhytms and poetic lyrics… Enter this generous and welcoming world where everyone can find its way!

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Raphaëlle NAUDIN

Raphaelle grew up in Paris and in NY, where she discovered a real fascination for music, dance and comedy - and especially for the brilliant artists who can combine the three of them.
She began her singing training in a lyric and vocal technic class in Paris (Schola Cantorum), what gave her a technique assured enough to express herself completely freely. But she was soon attracted by black American music: soul, blues but also jazz music, that she learned in a jazz school with Sara Lazarus.

During all those years, she sang in numerous jazz clubs and concert halls, with Rythm'n Blues, jazz and folk bands, developing her sensual voice, sweet and dynamic at the same time. She met Raphaël Hara in 2002 with whom she discovered electronic music, and began to compose for a brand new band soon named THATUM. Raphaelle is not only a singer, but also a versatile artist: dancer and actress, she acts at present with her theater company, " Ici et Là ".

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Raphaël HARA

Raphael grew up in a music lovers family, and began his first musical studies as a classical pianist. He'll soon be hit by jazz, and dazzled by jazz artists creativity such as John Coltrane.
Working as a composer since its very first musical experiences with Sacha Hladiy and Romain Tranchart, he first studies the saxophone as a self-taught.
Then he enters a jazz school, Arpej, where he learns harmony, composition, and orchestration, and where he deepens the saxophone study with Michel Goldberg. In the same time, he continues to compose and play in Paris in jazz and groove bands and meets Brice de Margerie with whom he discovers electronic music creating possibilities.

He kept from his travels to Africa, oriental countries and especially Brazil, emotions, sounds, and rhythms … and the dream of a syncretic music, that would be a fine balance between jazz harmonies, electronic rhythms, and oriental and Brazilian echoes.
This background will be present in his co-composition work with Raphaëlle Naudin.
He is today a talented multi-instrumentist, and is Thatum producer and conductor.

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A very talented guitarist who studied at the American School of Modern Music in Paris, before creating the band Modjo and its hit song of 2002: "Lady".
He supported right from the start the Thatum project, and co-producted some of its songs. He is also one of the composers of "Nomad Soul".

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Brice de MARGERIE (

He first began his musical training as a pianist and as a drummer, before exploring passionately the electronic music and its novelty on samples & sounds.
He brought his great imaginative skill to Thatum's project: he is co-composer, co-author and co-producer of many songs of Thatum's album.
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CD supporting cast
Sacha HLADIY Laurent OVIEVE Bertrand M'BARGA
Frédéric POLI Jérémy NATTAGH Alexandre LIER
Géraldine de MARGERIE Arthur CAMION Michel GOLDBERG
Nicolas WEIL Antonio CAFE Patrick VESANES
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